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Annual Review & Membership Letter

2018 Review and Upcoming Projects for 2019

Click here to download this original letter in PDF format412.25 KBpdf


Hello guardians of lands we hold sacred;

If the bombardment of 2018 is any indicator, it’s no wonder that this request has been our first opportunity this year to rally member financial support for the SLV Ecosystem Council.


It’s easy to Donate on-line: Wow, what a journey it has been.


GrandStaircase Escalante conservationlands15 400pxLet’s count the ways, the current Administration has been: 1) ignoring successes of National Monuments/Parks and greatly downsizing two 2) proposing rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act 3) halting fossil fuels producers obligation to track methane emissions and overrule EPA scientists' plea to ban insecticide chlorpyrifos 4) cutting NASA’s climate monitoring program 5) rolling back car emission standards 6) backing out of Paris Climate Change agreement 7) through FEMA, expelling “climate change” from its strategic plan, on the heels of one of the most expensive years of natural disasters in US history 8) proposing cuts to climate and clean energy research and programs 9) through EPA, loosening regulations on toxic air pollutants 10) proving so difficult to work with that the National Park Advisory Board resigns, which was first chartered by congress in 1935 11) determining that Climate change is no longer a national security threat 12) through the Interior Department, proposing largest ever oil and gas leasing program…

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2017 Review and Upcoming Projects for 2018

Click here to download the membership letter in PDF format602.75 KBpdf (Revision sent out December 2017)


Hello Custodian of Public Lands Legacy,

Lynx Canadensis


We have so much to celebrate….starting with the Decision by Federal District Court Judge Matsch to protect Wolf Creek Pass, reversing the Forest Service’s Record of Decision for the land exchange, which would have enabled the large-scale development to move forward; recently the Developers have appealed the Judge’s decision and it is now before the Court of Appeals, but we are cautiously optimistic that upon review, Judge Matsch’s decision will stand.



We have just completed the SLV Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling Study, which provides a practical 10-year Plan to move forward with a model that addresses regional solutions to waste reduction and recycling, which in turn will reduce illegal dumping on public lands.


Finally, making recommendations for the twenty-year Rio Grande National Forest Plan revision, which has been reflected in the Forest Service Alternative D.


However, these vital SLVEC efforts are vulnerable to a current national landscape of uncertainty,

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