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Water Quality Toolkit Page


Welcome to the Water Quality Toolkit Page. Here you will find background information, methods of water testing and testing labs as well as results of extensive well monitoring conducted in the SLV with the assistance of SLVEC.

Reference Materials and Background

"Toxic Waters" A series about the worsening pollution in American waters and regulators' response 
Colorado Waters Under Pressure
Quality of Water from Domestic Wells in Principal Aquifers of the United States, 1991–2004
The Dirty Dozen, What is in Your Water?


Water Testing Procedures

water faucet2

How to test your well and interpreting lab reports
Local Testing Laboratory for the San Luis Valley- Sangre de Cristo Lab, 2329 Lava Lane, Alamosa, CO, 81101  Phone 719-589-1024



Water Testing Results, San Luis Valley and Region


Well Testing Summary

Wells Tested Map

Well Testing Results Map

Arsenic Map

Cadmium Map

Cadmium, Sodium, Iron, Total Dissoved Solids Map

Minimum Contaminant Level (MCL)

Iron Map

Nitrate Map

Sodium Map

Total Dissolved Solids

Water Quality Project Update - January 22, 2010