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Capacity Building through Community Partnerships and Community Education



An essential part of the Indoor Air Quality Program is partnering within the SLV communities with thanks to our major collaborator, Denver- based National Jewish Health.

The guidance of National Jewish's Dr. Lisa Cicutto helped SLVEC to connect with Adams State University Nursing Program, SLV Public Schools and countywide Public Health organizations.

Over the life of this program connections and Indoor Air Quality programs were initiated with Adams State University; the school systems in the SLV; the Public Health systems of Saguache, Alamosa and Rio Grande counties; Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center; Adelante; and LaLlave.

SLVEC also coordinated a visit and discussion with the National Brownfields Coordinator and Center for Disease Control, ASTDR, which attracted attendence from 20 SLV agencies. Illegal dumping and solid waste disposal issues were addressed.

These discussions led to eventual actions that are now being tackled by the SLVEC Solid Waste Management Program.

IAQ materials and hands-on discussions were also provided to the community through our participation in public outreach by presenting booths at the many local health fairs. These fairs offered opportunities for the distribution of dust masks and bandanas, dissemination of green cleaning solutions, home evaluation assessments and individual consultations.


Check out these pie charts for a visual impact this program has had on our community.


Information and Background Materials

Indoor Air Quality Program Summary 2013-2015

Indoor Air Quality Program Summary Chart 2013-2015

Community Outreach Results Charts

Indoor Air Quality Web Site- Environmental Protection Agency 

Radon Gas Health Risks

San Luis Valley Air Toxins Analysis 2012

Educational Materials

Asthma Awareness/Assistance Program for Student Nurses Power Point

In Home Air Quality Training Presentation

In Home Evaluation Sheet

Green cleaning solutions for your home

Teen Smoking Concerns/ Tobacco Cessation Here is the phone number for Help to Quit Smoking Call Lizzie Gallardo, Tobacco Navigator, 719-587-6334 CLick here to connect to the SLV Health Smoking Cessation web site

Other Materials, Hand Outs and Presentations

(just click on the item)

Not- On- Tobacco- School Presentation


Teen Question and Answer for the N-O-T ( Not- On- Tobacco) Program
Suggested School Announcement for the Teen N-O-T Program Smoking Cessation Handout Colorado Quit Line- Telephone Support Group
Guideline for Smoking Cessation and Second Hand Smoke
Second Hand Smoke Brochure

Why Quit Smoking? Brochure

Testing and Surveys

Household Quiz for Air Quality

Checking Your Home for Hazzards

Home Evaluation Brochure (English)

Home Evaluation Brochure (En Espanol)

Study Results

Alamosa Schools Asthma Statistics Graph

San Luis Valley Air Toxins Analysis 2012