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Indoor Air Quality Program




Indoor Air Quality Project 2013-2015


Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) through guidance and support from the EPA




Indoor Air Quality Toolkit Page  Click here for all your interior air quality information, materials and survey results



Project Activity


Click Here to Read About the IAQ Project Summary


Click Here to View the Project Review in Chart Form



CARE-Air Quality is designed to build capacity (training and education) and provide service coordination to promote healthy indoor environments in homes, schools and child care settings. We are educating school nurses and staff, home health care providers, health care professionals, student nurses and early childhood educators to train, do outreach and demonstrate projects that seek to reduce exposure to indoor air contaminants and asthma triggers (dust, mold, second hand smoke and smoke from wood burning stoves).



Asthma has been identified as one of the top five priority concerns from community members who participated in the SLVEC valley-wide CARE Level 1 outreach for prioritizing environmental health risks.



The Four Pillar Program

1.   Workforce Training on Indoor Air Quality

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Train Early Childhood Educators (ECE’s) to attain the necessary knowledge and skill to incorporate an initial assessment/screen of the home. If issues are identified then to provide education, support materials and appropriate follow up referrals. Skills were shared for the identification of asthma triggers and exposure avoidance. Outreach education was introduced to directors, teachers and early Headstart Family Partnership Manager.



















2.   School-Based Asthma Management Program

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3. Home Assessment


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4.   Capacity Building through Community Partnerships and Community Education

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Below you can find background information, methods of testing, screening and education about airborn hazzards and results of testing and surveys already conducted.


Information and Background Materials

Indoor Air Quality Web Site- Environmental Protection Agency

Radon Gas Health Risks


San Luis Valley Air Toxins Analysis 2012



Educational Materials

Asthma Awareness/Assistance Program for Student Nurses Power Point


In-Home Air Quality Assessment Training


In-Home Evaluation Sheet


Green cleaning solutions for your home


In-Home Evaluation Sheet


Teen Smoking Concerns/ Tobacco Cessation

Here is the phone number for Help to Quit Smoking - Call Lizzie Gallardo, Tobacco Navigator, 719-587-6334

Click here to connect to the SLV Health Smoking Cessation web site


Other Materials, Hand Outs and Presentations

Not- On- Tobacco- School Presentation


Teen Question and Answer for the N-O-T ( Not- On- Tobacco) Program


Suggested School Announcement for the Teen N-O-T Program

Smoking Cessation Handout


Colorado Quit Line- Telephone Support Group

Guideline for Smoking Cessation and Second Hand Smoke


Second Hand Smoke Brochure


Why Quit Smoking? Brochure


Testing and Surveys

Household Quiz for Air Quality Checking Your Home for Hazzards


Home Evaluation Brochure (English)


Home Evaluation Brochure (En Espanol)


Study Results


Alamosa Schools Asthma Statistics Graph


San Luis Valley Air Toxins Analysis 2012